PVC Insulated Cables

PVC Insulated Cables

PVC insulated cable, also called building wire, is mainly for fixed installation and widely applicable in connecting the lighting, electrical equipment and telecommunication equipment of AC 450/750V- RatedVoltage. It is both heat proof and flame retardant.

It applied to electrical appliances, instrument and telecom device with rated voltage up to and including 450/750v. The main features of the flame retardant cable or wire is hard to catch on fire or that the continuous burning of cables is very limited when it is on fire. It applies to places with special demands for flame retardant property. Flame retardant cable is classified as class A, B, C or D. Among the 4 class, class A is the best, while C worst. Fire-resistance cable can operate normally for some time when it is burning except that it can transmit electrical power under normal condition. It is used in places with special demands for fire resistance property. Clients can select any tape of cable for practical needs.

The cable mainly consists of Solid or flexible copper wire or aluminum wire core with PVC insulation or sheath needed.

Electrical cable is widely used as electrical house wiring, Permissible continuous working temperature of cable conductor, for type of cable RV-105 and BV-105, the temperature should be less than 105. For others, the temperature should be not less than 70℃.

Speaker Cables

Speaker cables are manufactured with bright annealed plain flexible electrolytic grade copper conductor, bunched compactly, insulated with specially formulated PVC compound. Each core is uniquely designed for easy identification. In order to offer uniform capacitance throughout length the distance between the two conductors is maintained uniformly.

Transparent / black / white with red tracer for polarity identification. Also available in grey.

The delivery length is available in 100 mtr. coils Cable Design Parameters

PVC Insulation Power Cable

0.6/1kv BS Standard power cable is mainly used for electric transmission and transportation, such as high buildings, power stations, entertainment places, subways, industrial enterprises and sea petrol platform etc, where a high intensity of cable laying and a strong flame-retardant ability are required. 

0.6/1kv Power Cable consists of Aluminum, or Copper core, Xlpe Insulated Power Cable, Xlpe Swa Pvc Copper Cable, Xlpe Sta Pe Copper Cable, Power Cable Underground, Single Core Xlpe Cable, Underground Armoured Power Cable, Steel Tape Armoured Cable, etc.

0.6/1kv BS Standard power cable used as electric lines of 0.6/1kv, Used placed as buildings, subways, power stations, entertainment places, industrial enterprises and sea petrol platform etc, 

PVC Submersible Flat Cable

  • The PVC insulated and sheathed 3 core flat cables are mainly used in pump connections. They are also used in many industrial applications.
  • The sheath is specially made out to resist tough and difficult outdoor conditions & excellent resistant to water.

Control Cable

  • PVC and FR PVC 70°C cables suitable for wiring in residential and commercial infrastructure.
  • HR PVC 85°C cables are suitable for wiring in residential and commercial infrastructure for a higher ambient temperature.
  • FR-LSH cables are suitable for wiring in public places like schools, hospitals, theatres, etc.
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