About us

About us

We would like to introduce our Company,”Polyinfocom”, as one of the leaders in supply of Optical Fiber Cables and Communication Cables to the industry of Telcom, CableTV, Broadband services. We offer a wide range of Wires and Cables with excellence in the field of Fiber Optics, Electrical House Wiring, PVC Insulated Cables, Submersible, lnstrumentation Cables, PowerCables, Control Cables, LTABXLPECable, LTXLPECables, AAC, AAAC, ACSR Conductor and Aluminium Wires.

Optical fiber is currently being deployed across the following segments of communications networks: long-haul, metropolitan, last mile access, and enterprise.

Types Of Optic Fiber Cable

  • Duct, Direct Burial, Aerial, Indoor
  • Single & Multimode Fiber Optic Cable
  • Central Loose Tube & Multi Loose Tube designs
  • Single & Double armored

Optic Fiber Cable Range

  • Unitube Cable : 2 - 48 Fiber (Arm & Un Arm)
  • Multi Tude Cables : 2 - 288 Fiber (Arm & Un Arm)
  • CATV Cables : 2 - 48 Fiber (Arm & Un Arm)
  • Aerial Cables : ADSS & Fig. 8
  • FTTH Cables : 1F, 2F & 4F
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